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Photo by: Tessa Maxine

OLIVEE Floral is an artistic floral design studio in Brooklyn, New York that was founded by Karla Smith-Brown in 2019.

As a first generation Canadian of Jamaican descent, Karla has always felt connected to her Caribbean heritage and how it has influenced her understanding of the world. Upon returning to Jamaica as an adult in 2018, Karla immediately felt a soothing stimulation from the lush surroundings, familiar scents and distinct tastes of her family’s homeland in Saint Elizabeth Parish. She was immersed in the vibrant energy, bountiful land, and nurturing spirit of the parish inspiring her to find a way to capture the essence of her experience. 


This motivated Karla to end her corporate career in marketing & communications, in pursuit of a creative journey in floral design. After starting her new career in floristry, it became Karla’s ambition to push the boundaries of how flowers are perceived. Taking cues from the natural world and modern art, Karla works with flowers as a tool for composition.


Prior to starting OLIVEE Floral, Karla worked alongside experienced florists, event designers, and set designers to hone her craft and sharpen her skills while determining her style. As a way to honor her heritage and experience in Jamaica, Karla decided to name her studio after her Great-Grandmother Olivee. Granny Olivee’s feisty, fearless, and high-spirited demeanor is at the heart of Olivee Floral, serving as a guide to how each project is approached.

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